Mont Saint Michel in Normandy France

I visited yesterday….

I am on a two week vacation in England and France with my husband. I am still enough to have this blog come to mind. It has been forever since I have posted here and so much time has passed that I had to actually go in and change my password because I couldn’t remember it. I was chatting with a family member earlier this week who thought I was blogging on another topic and asked me about it. Then while in my hotel room on a rainy french day, while reading a life changing book (I do love life changing books!), I thought about this blog and wondered where I had left off. I won’t catch you up all in one post but I will tell you that life has changed, but the things I struggled with before are still something I have to be quite aware of and am still working on today. Too busy at work, always reaching for more, love it when the check off list is completed and feel uneasy when it isn’t, wanting more time off to enjoy my family (sounds funny as I tell you I am on a two week holiday) and how I earn to cook, garden, read, play and enjoy good friends. What I have done is hired amazing people as my business has grown, taken Sundays off for the most part, been able to teach to others which is truly my passion, grown my business to new levels and increased the challenges to a new level! My happiness depends on letting go of the work day when I say so, not when things are done because they never will be. Saying no to more things so I say yes to the things that are important like family and friends. Setting up a bunker so I can be in the 20% of what produces 80% of the results I want. Being present in the moment, not still at work or focusing on goals when I am not at work so in all essence being where my hands are.
I don’t itch from the rash of self will I broke out in that started this whole blog but I did have another scare with a tumor. As I waited for the results over last 4th of July weekend, alone, because I had told nobody about the discovery, I thought about this life of work obsession, service obsession, thought obsession…and once again knew it was me. Some of my best qualities are my worst enemies and many times I can’t tell which side I am on. I recently heard someone say that life will never be in balance because we are always seeking new levels, discoveries, passions, but that we should be looking for counter balance. It reminded me of the teeter totter that my dear grandmother had in her back yard that I loved to play on as a child. As you reached for the sky, you also came back down to earth and if you weren’t careful and aware, you hit hard when you landed back on the ground. In the counter balance the swing isn’t as far and the ride is much smoother. My character wants to ride the bull and throw my cowgirl hat in the air while hollering un lady like phrases, but during the thrill of the ride, it is my rush, I am alone, and when it is over I still want those I love to be in the arena cheering me on. If I am all consumed they won’t wait around to greet me for they will become inpatient like the look on my husbands face when I walk in the door with my phone attached to my ear whether talking to a client or a person who needs my attention no matter how altruistic. If I ride the bull I will eventually be alone and broken physically wonder why I didn’t spend my life differently. I don’t have to give up bull riding, I have to have bull riding be a slice of my pie. Another slice is time with my beautiful daughters. A third slice is mentoring other women. Teaching is a slice. Writing too. Hiking, kayaking and skiing needs to be a slice. My pie hasn’t been equally cut and that’s up to me. I live life full and I love so much but work has taken and still can take too much of me. I choose happiness, joy in all things.
What does your pie look like today? Is it evenly sliced with the most important things in your life? You get to choose so choose what you love!


How to be happy number 22 says…..clean out your closets!! I cleared out 8 bags worth of clothes, coats and shoes yesterday. Today I brought in some items I knew my co-workers would love. I have a sweater in the car that a gal always complimented me on so today I am providing a delivery!! There is something very zen about cleaning out and letting go of old and being prepared for new.
Had to refill the prescription for hydroxyzine the other day and that ticks me off. I still want to think my way out of this. I know I have to live my way out of it by taking different actions, like not doing and just being still. I cleaned my closets yesterday because I just wanted a day at home. My husband suggested we go preview homes which is fun for us to hang out and do but I declined. I wanted to hang out in sweats.
I think my addiction is to completed projects. I feel good when I can check it off the list or see the results. What a mess. Its the middle of March, we started this deal in September and I began writing the blog Christmas Day. I thought you would see me do a turn around and have tons of hope to share. Instead you are seeing me whirl around in the insanity although bouts of it are less severe and a bit less dramatic! Rationalization or justification…what do you think?
I am taking Friday off to take a ferry boat ride to Friday Harbor. I am going to write a motivational talk called mALL IN A MOMent. There is a story behind it but that will come later.
So happy today is to go and deliver a sweater and enjoy the smile on someone’s face!!! Who can you make happy today? Bring on the smiles!!!!

How to be happy. I am very happy!!!! I didn’t schedule a massage but I did go to Zumba. Dancing makes me happy from the inside out!! The gal who teaches the class has my rythm so it was perfect. I am taking my $50.00 Christmas dance class money and buying an 11 time punch card. It was fabulous! I can drop in for classes, it’s right down the street from work, fantastic!!! What took me so long to get there?!

I have been thinking about my speech, motivational/inspirational talk that I want to create. I will set a date today to sit on the San Juan Ferry and write it. Along with the massage date. I should have done it earlier but I decided this blog isn’t allowed to produce guilt so I will do my best to give it another shot.

I was at work till 10:47 last night. I did make it to the gym this morning even though I crawled into bed past the 11:00pm mark. There is something wonderful about exercise in the morning. I feel like I have accomplished something already today.

So I had someone suggest that I write down what I do every fifteen minutes at work so we can better see how to use my time. The end result being that I get a new perspective, new actions and a life that doesnt include late hours which I know is doable because I see other successful realtors going home at reasonable hours. I am excited to learn and change. After jotting down my increments (even sticking to 15 and not getting distracted by something was hard), I think of the movie UP and “squirrel”! Oh my gosh, I run off after squirrels all the time and it seems so important but by the end, I’m at the office trying to catch up and nobody else is!! <a href="“>

Goal for today is to quit chasing squirrels!! Stay in my own hula hoop. Delegate. Keep God’s will in the front of all things and be still enough to know what it is. Happy Alert homework…how to be happy for me today will be coming home and making a new vision board for my Jack Canfield Success Principles class tomorrow. I love teaching! I will read my chapters, brush up on the lesson plans and make a vision board. That will make me happy!!! Have you made a vision board yet? Blessings….

Happy Feet http://bit.ly/eWODcN How to be happy homework from yesterday was 50% accomplished. Never made a massage appointment or did Jack Canfield homework, but I did go to church and helped my clients. I improvised because my husband surprised me by showing up to church and we went to lunch afterwards. Then I watched a movie with my family and snuggled in on the couch! My clients from Hawaii are in a signed around contract and my clients from Canada looked at 5 homes. There’s my accountability!

So I was pondering what I would do if I wasn’t living the life I was living. If I had a blank palette, access to limitless color, what would I paint? I would be living in a house that looks out onto the water with a small garden and a big kitchen. I would spend my morning in prayer and meditation, exercise and enjoy the morning….like I do now yet without the bay view. Although 5am is a bit early so I would sleep in till 7am and then start my day. I would have exercise equipment at home so I wouldn’t drive off to the gym and I would add a walk with the dog into the routine. Then I would work from home on a nonprofit project that I was incredibly passionate about or write the book I intend to write because my bank account hosted the liberty to do so. I would end my day at 5pm so I could cook an organic, fabulous meal for my family. The girls might still be at home finishing school or they might be in cute little apartments we set them up in because we could afford to spoil them!!! ICREA runs and cute comforters!!! So either my hubby and I would enjoy a nice meal at the dining room table (this is where I tell you I have the kitchen of my dreams as the screen saver on my computer so as I am writing this I am visualizing myself there…it has a fabulous view of the bay!). I would read books in the evening or enjoy an occasional movie with my boy. I would have friends over often and I would enjoy the amazing city I live in that has tons of arts and performances I yearn to attend! I would snuggle into bed at 10:30 or 11:00 and get 8hrs sleep. I would travel the world for the book or the non profit project meeting like minded people and make a global change. Ahhhh…..life is good!

So what can I start on today? I went to the gym, prayer and meditation this morning, I will schedule a time for a ferry ride to write my “All in a Moment” talk that I mentioned in a previous blog, I will plan to cook dinner tomorrow night (that is a tall order for me these days so it’s scary even writing it!) and I will open all doors to receive God’s plan for me. He may have something entirely different and I am totally ok with what he has envisioned for my life. He has me here, now, in perfect order, today in this moment. The birds are chirping, the silence of the house when everyone else is asleep, the health I have the priveldge to enjoy today and a heart open to his plan! Life is good!

Happy Alert for today. What will make me happy?!! I will schedule the massage. I will set a time for my trip to the San Juans to write my talk and return a library book. I will set a date with a friend. I will call some friends on a lunch break today that I will make sure to take. I will be happy. I will share happiness with others. I will deliver joy wherever I can today. And you? What will make you happy today?!!

How to be happy. I woke up this morning thinking about all that needs to be done. It happened yesterday too. I consciously decided yesterday that I couldn’t get out of bed till I stilled my mind, filled it with gratitude and thought about the fun I would have that day before I let my feet touch the ground. My dilemma is self-induced. I got home last night at 8:30 to have my phone ringing non stop. Walked in the door with it attached to my ear which I swore I wouldnt do any more, out of the respect for my family. The clients I have from Hawaii picked four houses over the last two days and we decided we would write a contract on Monday morning. Well when I called the realtors to let them know we might be coming their way, two of the properties have incoming contracts! Considering we got beat out on the one we wrote earlier in the week, and we offered 10,000 over list price, urgency had shown up on the doorstep. I had to write an offer. I took 10 mins to eat. During that time my daughter handed me my phone that I was ignoring because she was tired of hearing it ring. When her friend said something about me being so busy, my daughter said “she brings it on herself.” Where is balance here? Dinner with family or contract for clients?

I do think it would make a difference if I had a savings account with reserves but that too makes me sad because I work for my buyer’s best interest, never the paycheck. Yet if I had 40,000 in a savings account I would somehow be more relaxed. I know how to create business, and I am, believe me! Maybe I would slow down and wouldn’t be juggling as much if I had more in reserves. I think of the generation who rolled up their sleeves, worked three jobs, went to school and got a degree in their passion. Do you have parents or grandparents with that story? Nothing stopped them from reaching their dreams. They provided for their familys. I doubt they got Neurodermatitis!!! They didnt look like a “connect the dots” when standing naked in the mirror! Me, it has a direct result on my health! I don’t have the poka dots any more but the last two nights I have woken up in the middle of the night. I do have new red patches creeping back into existence. I know I need to stop and slow down now. I think I am addicted to the rush of it all somehow. I say I am not, I complain that this is insanity, yet it, I continue. At least I now know that the cause is lack of sleep or stress but not food. I am almost 99% sure of it.

Maybe if I coached people on how to work with clients, they wouldn’t take it to my extreme and they would be successful in a way that wouldn’t cause them to break out into a rash!!! My personality type is so extreme (that’s me making excuses…I can feel it!) and I hate leaving things undone, that it causes my chaos. I am the problem. I know the solution. Yet I am not changing. Yuk. Hate that realilty. It was suggested to me last week to track what I do every 15 minutes to see what I can eliminate. I did this once before and it drove me to madness, cant be much closer than I am now!! Seemed like one more thing to get in my way of completing my forever list of tasks!!! But I am teachable so let’s get to mastery!!!!

I know I am not alone in the over stimulus in the world that we have created in our lives. Leisurely strolling on a Sunday afternoon seems to have disappeared but wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring it back? What is stopping me, us? Financial burden seems to be my road block to a more leisurely life. If I had the money in the bank to relax, I think I would. If I had 3 million dollars in the bank I would still have to strive to end my day at 5pm because I would take on a non-profit cause the way I take on my business today. I am passionate, driven and detail oriented so no matter what I am doing I still have to learn to let go and play. I like the latter lesson though! There would be less stress if there was more money. Providing for your family is a priority that will cost you fun and play if you don’t reclaim them. So I am reclaiming fun and happiness today.

Happy Alert fot today: I have been asked to share my story tonight. That is always a passion, to share my experience strength and hope. I will set my massage appointment today and if I can’t get in today, I will have it on the calendar. I will read the rest of “Delivering Happiness” and do some homework for my “Success Principals Workshop” I am teaching on Thursday. I love Jack Canfield’s ideas. I will also help my clients from Hawaii and my clients from Canada today. I will go to church……thats plenty!!! May you all have a happy Sunday. Invite someone else to be happy. Be Happy, be happy, be happy!!!

How to be Happy reporting in! So I need to catch up on a few. I have been to see Eric Clapton at the Key Arena in Seattle which was a spiritual experience…..that boy and his keyboardists can rock!!! My husband and I rode the train into the city, spent a romantic weekend and enjoyed an amazing concert. Boy was I happy!! http://bit.ly/fPAns9 and http://bit.ly/gp1XB4 for a peek at the boy jamming!!! http://flic.kr/p/72hxRX.

I went to a chocolate tasting event with friends. To coffee with my daughter. And bought a new coat!

So Happy Alert for today? Learn how to insert video and pictures that aren’t downloaded on my computer in a way that they appear in the blog versus a link I send you to since I just tried for the last 20 mins and am now out of time to write anything else!! It’s 7:10 and I need to be at work at 8:15 and I am unshowered!!!

So Happy Alert for today. TV time with my hubby tonight on the couch. I was at work till midnight last night and have worked late every night this week. Snuggle time is my happy time for the day. Who have you snuggled with lately?!!! What is your Happy Alert for the day. Would love to have others share so I can use some of your ideas too!! Blessings and Happy to you!!!

How to be happy, what a concept. Zpack is the answer today. And pearly beads with cough suppressant. That’s the ticket! I went to the doctor yesterday to make sure I wasn’t contagious and they put me on antibiotics and cough medicine. My breathing is restricted and this should help. I figure the antibiotics should help with the skin rash as well. Haven’t had much but a little bit. My solution to it, when it pops up, is to sleep and it seems to work. The better solution would be to live a balanced life that wasn’t lacking regular rest, relaxation, exercise and diet. I have been living off of ice cream for the last few days combatting a cold I am sure is self induced! I never used to get sick so this is all so crazy yet so obvious to me. The only way out is to stop living the way I am living yet I don’t know how and remain in the profession I am in. I will have to learn. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them!

My Happy Alert yesterday was supposed to be Grey’s Anatomy but instead we watched Iron Man 2. Confession is that I worked on my computer while watching it. Since I had gone to the doctor, been out-of-town and slept in California for a day, I am super behind. I stayed up till almost midnight trying to get a little bit caught up. I did meet with a client to sign a counter offer. I am meeting another client to hand off some house keys since we closed yesterday. The story behind the sale of that house is tragic and sweet, all in one. The loss of the house due to a tragic death yet the buyer will be helping troubled youth create a life they didn’t realize they had the capacity to live. The pieces it took to keep the deal together is why I don’t get enough hours to sleep but when I hand off the keys, knowing God has the master plan because He was definitely present in the transaction, it all becomes worth it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 Water crystals show us how we touch everything around us with our thoughts. Happy thoughts bring about happy creation in your life and the lives around you!!

Happy Alert 17 is stopping at this little corner side shop on the way to the property today that has nick nacks and precious little do dads. I will buy myself something today. I have bought myself new clothes for work lately which seems extravagant but I deserve it and needed them. Today I will buy something fun from the little quaint shop on the way back from handing over the house keys. That will make me happy! I also have a friend with a birthday party tonight so I will look for a card and small gift for her as well. I will go if I am feeling well enough and if not I will come home and snuggle on the couch.

Tomorrow My Happy Alert will be going to Seattle with my husband, on a train, to attend an Eric Clapton concert on Saturday. Super excited, yet wondering how to get it all done since I seem to be constantly in work mode! My husband is my super heroe and to invest time in our relationship is priceless. I need to be there fully and not thinking about what needs to be done. God I put you in charge of all I can accomplish and all that I don’t. Please grant me the serenity to be fully present in the moment so I enjoy the gift of this life you have bestowed me. Help me to be Happy, Joyful, Serene, Satisfied, Peaceful, Grateful and filled with Love and Appreciation. I will Be Happy today. I choose Joy. I take time for Happiness by doing something fun. Happy, Happy, Happy!!! What will you do today to Be Happy?!